Lets Talk About Money!

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We need to talk about money. Now I know not everybody is comfortable with this subject, but it’s kind of important when comes to getting things done in the modern world. A business with no money is like a human with no oxygen.  Anyway, I’m good with it so here we go. No inhibitions here. 

When I open up my laptop and show EMEX's EHS software, people are always impressed with the product. It’s a great product and I’m guessing that other EHS software companies do a good job with theirs too…but who knows, I may be giving too much credit.  
When we sit down with a new client and get talking to themwe quickly learn all about the cost of incidents in their business. We then hear about the near misses and then the customer finally opens up and discusses the real risks they are running in the business. The menacing iceberg in the fog that is bobbing innocuously in their reports.  
We all get it, right? Do we all understand that it has never been more expensive to mess up on every level; financial, human and brand? The potential cost in massive! No one wants to be the next CEO of BP making a fool of themselves to the global audience and being talked about 6 years later. No one wants to be responsible for 11 deaths. 17 injuries. 8,000 dead animals. $105BN loss in company value. A fall from 2nd to 4th largest global oil company. Sales for companies with your branding falling 10% - 40%. All because of poor EHS oversight. But once we start talking about money, things get very quiet...   
“I would really love this and I know it would make a huge difference here, but…”
EHS Director with no backbone.
“This would save us a fortune but our company does not really get EHS software investment…”
EHS Director leading the company nowhere. 

“I don’t have budget this year and I will try for next year” 
EHS Director; of kicking the can down the road.  
Come on EHS directors! Your company is spending millions of dollars or even billions of dollars on incredibly dangerous and high risk stuff. Chemicals, machines, explosions all moving together in very high risk and pressurized environments, with the error prone human overseeing it all. Putting systems in place to manage, build on and improve makes sense on every level. Software is vital in order to improve procedures, make management more efficient and generate better information that your team can learn from. Tangible, measurable results that will make your company safer, more efficient and more profitable. 

Then there are the executives out there who are saying “no’, “maybe” or “next year”...Shame on you. The potential cost of doing nothing here is incredibly high for your company and your staff. You are rolling the dice, hoping you will get away with it again this year, 

As humans, we have a hard time dealing with the abstract. Unless it is right in front of us, we have a tendency to avoid it. It is easy to detach from a war until you seem a vivid picture. Easy to pretend you are healthy until you get the call that 40 years of smoking has resulted in lung cancer. Easy to pretend you are running a safe operation until you have to deal with the repercussions of an avoidable incident.  

I was with an executive from a major industrial company recently, I opened up Google and entered "YXY Inc. industrial accident”. The pictures were graphic and his silence told me my point was made. Yet, he did not buy...What is his reasoning here? We all know the risks and we all know that software is a key to mitigating them. 

Why would he make this choice? Foolishness? Fear of engaging with executives to change their opinion on EHS? Does his inaction play a part in the next inevitable accident? 

Only he knows his reasoning, but I certainly know what my priority would be if I was in his shoes and what I would do in order to make a change in the company.

It is time to stand in front of the mirror and have a good hard look at why you are not willing to invest in the changes you know are important for the safety, efficiency and profitability of your company.