Missing The Point

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We sit in our European HQ and observe the global EHS sector with a fresh focus on the UR market...and we do not like what we see.  

It appears that our competitors are so caught up in garnering social media attention and the all important Facebook like, that that they have forgotten what the real purpose of our industry niche is; To make a business run more efficiently and safely, increasing profits.  

We are not going to pretend that we are here to save the world, ponder the implications of a fleeting statement from the Pope, pollute your feed with company propoganda or put time and money into a nonsense campaign…all for the sake of a few likes,  a couple retweets and a few fleeting seconds of your attention. These all feels like shallow contributions of little value. We can change our logo to a flower to show the world we care, but maybe that energy would have been better spent on actual safety improvements instead of trying to persuade the public of a new corporate identity.  

At EMEX, our focus has always been and will remain in making the best possible software for your enterprise. It really is a simple as that. We are here to make you safer, more efficient and more profitable. As that is how we measure success 

Where other are wide and broad, we are focused and deep. Where they are general, we are precise. We believe that when everything is important, nothing is important. We do not pretend to be the best in every area, we have not created a buffet of product module to try and convince you of a solution to problem that doesn't exist. But we believe we are the best in the areas that really matter to your organization; the tracking, analysis, reporting and corrective actions surrounding an incident.  

If you are in the business of results, we are your team. If you are more interested in picking the team with the most FB likes and most socially aware logo. We are not the software company for you.