No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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Another week and another round of watching our competitors offer a lifetime supply of software, oxygen and food to the world for nothing. We are now competing in a sector where companies are so preoccupied with getting the deal that they overlook whether they can make any money on it or even deliver what they are promising to the customer! 

We all know the drill, sales team lies through their teeth and gives away everything for free in order to get the contract, only to then be back in your offices 6 months later on the apology tour explaining why it is late, over budget because of monstrous implementation costs (gotta make up for that ‘free’ software and missing key features). Nothing in life is free. Especially that too good to be true priced software.  

We are all capitalists. We are all in the business applications market; and like every other industry in the world, our survival is based on the ability to generate revenue. How can we expect to innovate and create what there is no revenue? 

No creation and no innovation equals stagnation. Stagnant software is crap software... and it gets worse every year as the divide between what you have and what you need grows! This crap software will eat away at your hard earned efficiencies, pull you back to being a reactive company, make accidents more likely and hurt you profitability.

When you are offered the sun, the moon and the stars…all for free, can you honestly be surprised when there is a delay, an inability of deliver what was promised or a monstrous implementation cost that you have to go explain to the CFO? It is is too good to be true. Then it probably is!

In nearly every other industry and in our lives, the lowest bidder is rarely the best one for you, EHS software in no different. Time to take a step back and look at the industry as a whole so we can see where the strategy takes will take all of us. 

Of course price is part of your companies decision making process and you can be sure we will be competitive with it, but for everyone's sake, make sure it is not your only criteria, because thinking that way is going to lead you, your company and this entire sector into a ditch!