Owler Howler

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My inbox delivered an interesting email last week. It was from Owler with the summary of press activity for EMEX and our peers in the EHS software sector; Enablon and Intelex 

The news was pretty grim…2 articles in total. No typo there, 2 press mentions in the entire second quarter of 2015 for our 3 companies! 

I was pretty pissed with our result at EMEX, but then I thought about all those VC dollars being poured into marketing by Enablon and Intelex and it made me feel much better. There must be a lot of wasted $$ there. Maybe they are too busy playing pool, foosball, or tending the roof garden.   

Whereas at EMEX, we are currently focused on what is important; looking after our existing customers, improving our software product, and engaging with new customers. This has not left us much time for feeding the PR machine for the industry as well as ourselves, We thought Enablon & Intelex would be able to use that budget and shine a light on the industry for all of us, but apparently not…I can only hope their software is better than their marketing. 

So now it looks like it is time for us to roll our sleeves up and bring respect, credibility and attention to the EHS software industry. No marketing fluff or trickery from us. Just pushing product that really works. We want to support the companies out there working hard and investing their time, money and energy into making their practices safer and more efficient. 

Our goal is to change the way this industry is perceived. God knows it needs it. Every software provider needs to step out of the shadows and into the light. We need to make this pie as big as possible before we focus on slicing it up. We need to advocate for our industry and its adaptation in thousands and eventually millions of businesses around the world. There is a mountain of work ahead, and the marketing fluff and pure self promotion is not going to cut it. This industry needs leaders who will speak against the current paradigm. Speak out for what needs to happen. We need to wake the room up, the CEO, the EHS directors and the decision makers. If you won’t listen to the us on the mic, we are coming knocking on your door.  

We are going to change how you view EHS. Get you excited about it and get you in front of the wave. This will not be a quick path, but is one that must happen for our entire industry to grow. 

As Dara, our top sales guy often says to me. “Simon, how do you eat an elephant?” 

How? I ask. 

“Simple, one mouthful at a time” 

EMEX is ready, seated at the table, and about to dig in. Everybody else is invited and welcome to join us.