Is your EHS System Truly Global?

There is a well known map of the world from IKEA on my study wall. Being IKEA, I'm sure you have seen it too. They are a truly global company which ensures this product has been seen all over the world. I for one often glance up at my copy and contemplate the scale of the world, and the scale of the challenges that we face in it.

I touched a few corners of this map over the past few weeks, and this got me thinking about the global nature of modern companies, and the challenge that this brings to EHS management and software deployment. We are all operating and reporting in different countries, with different languages, to different regulators.

While I was on my journey to North America, the EMEX team was all over the map; Lagos (Nigeria), Shanghai (China), Duala (Cameroon), Houston (Texas) and of course our operations in Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Russia. We understand the global nature of companies in the world today, so we go where our clients go.

Now, I bet that your business looks a little like our business with operations spread all over the globe, and as the arms of your business reach deeper and deeper into the world, managing the EHS functions gets more and more challenging.

Whether you explore, extract, process or produce products, your operations are set on a course of increasing global complexity. Incidents become global risks, and the nature of the Internet ensures that everybody will hear about your incident, no matter where it takes place in your operations. We are all global but a lot of our EHS procedures and policies are not matching this global pace...Are you safety and quality procedures really as robust in India as they are in Indiana? Because they should be, and if they aren't yet, they need to be soon.

Here at EMEX, we believe that it’s only possible to build and effective and efficient EHS reporting cultures in your company with software like ours. You need to be able to log an incident reports from Cologne, Germany (Submitted in German) and instantly have this data on your HQ EHS dashboard system in Boston, or Bologna. This is vital for a modern business seeking to perform at the highest level on a global stage. 

We want to help you to break down all the barriers so you can achieve your vision of a first class global EHS management system. We want to help make you a truly global company. Where you have problems with EHS management of operations spread around the world and functioning in different time zones, cultures and languages, we see opportunities for continual improvement and simplification of your EHS process. We want to be part of the solution for you. We have the experience in our development and deployment team to know we can deliver this to you. We have built comprehensive EHS management systems for single companies located in over 60 countries. This is not just theory or talk. We have done it for these titans and we can do it for you and your company. 

The culture of global EHS reporting systems is on the rise, and this makes complete sense to us. Running multiple systems in diverse operations and divisions create information islands and nobody likes these. This is where data and communication die in a company. A single EHS system for the entire company is the way to succeed in this very important area. Sharing investigation results from Duala, and changing the works procedures in Dallas is the new norm for all our companies. New learning become applicable throughout the entire organization. 

So go global, systematise your quality and safety procedures and stay ahead of the competition. The old way is no longer acceptable, and we all know what happened to the dinosaurs….

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