Learning how to teach.

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Slick new EHS software system purchased: CHECK
Project Team in Place: CHECK
Project Under Budget: CHECK 

Now, time to train everyone on the new system. Should be a simple process right? WRONG.

Often overlooked, and with the potential to derail budgets and timelines. This is a key part part of the successful implementation of new software. After all, what is the point in have powerful software if your team cannot use it? As companies become more complex, so too has the training process. Multiple languages, locations and regulation requirements now mean a single classroom approach is no longer realistic.

Online training is without a doubt the future of the training process. Face to face can be used to compliment it but online is where the real power lies. You need only look at Khan Academy to see this in action on a large scale today. This modern, online approach with the right tools allows you to cater to the individual's requirements, their language needs and their schedule. You can track and keep them accountable and make it easy for them to revise the material when needed. Where the physical classroom is rigid, the online one is flexible. At a basic level, they can partake in online webinars, at the highest level, they will have access to their own library of videos to learn from.

It is clear that a realistic and well budgeted strategy for training is vital pillar in your selection process, and that if the online portion is not address in a specific way, you are rolling the dice and setting yourself up for some unexpected costs, because you better believe you will be footing the bill for the extra time needed to train your team.

You wouldn't let an architect design a home with no regard for the how to make the building a reality, so why would you allow your software provider to do the exact same thing? 

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