EHS – its not about Big data, its about big insights

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Every week I spend my time talking with EHS directors, CEOS, CFOS or people who are responsible for running projects. Everyday they talk about their concern of people being injured, machinery being damaged or spillages and ultimately the financial damage and loss to their business.

Each week as a company we record about 25,000 accidents and incidents across seven different continents. This data directs our clients to their next preventative action.

Data, convergence, big data, content are all terms we are used to hearing.  By now most companies understand the importance of getting the data. It is clear to see the ones who will outperform and who have the edge.

The EMEX solution is based around clever data collection across the business. This feeds into a management dashboard which creates incidents and accidents reports. In turn this dictates the company response. These are the insights the leading companies are relying on to build their capabilities and avoid accidents and incidents.

About 65% of companies we talk to who collect all the data on Excel, Word and other paper based format. These companies never succeed in preventing accidents nor reducing cost. Its impossible for them to get ahead of the data or be responsive to what is happening around them.

The other companies who use a software tool succeed because they have a clear insight into the data and what it does for their business. They understand how managing this EHS data will impact and improve their business. They tie skills sets to the gaps they find in process management. In a sense they are measuring the pattern of the data and reacting before events happen.

The process is that powerful and simple. We get rid of excel sheets, paper based reporting, ring binders. We also believe that decentralising the EHS data collection across the company is important. Yes the EHS Director and team can analyse the data. EMEXS provides the tools to make the collection a cross company integrated process.

People buy our products for a number of reasons. Some want to save money by avoiding death and material damage to machinery and plants. Some simply want to be good employers who look after their people and send them home safely.

A certain percentage use our system for CSR they want to protect the planet by reducing their energy usage, emissions and waste output. Many want to protect their licence to trade as an international business. We can cater and support them all.

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EMEX is one of the global providers of Environment, Health and Safety Software. It all starts with the data and insights that you can drive from it.

Our clients include Tullow oil, Gazprom, Lafarge, Al Marai (Dairy), Government of KSA (Modon). We work across multiple sectors: Oil & Gas, Logistics, Construction, Mining, Aviation, Hospitality, Transportation