Clear perspective on EHS. A 30 year old story why Health and Safety is so important.

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I wanted to share this experience  and the story of a colleague because it was a moment in day to day life in which i was stopped and forced to think: Why all this focus on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). Why is it important?  

I recently returned from a EHS workshop with some senior directors in the Petrochemical and Petroleum sector. The focus of the discussions was similar to a lot we have with our clients.  

What are the business benefits of moving their business off excel and onto a smart data collection platform?  Showing how the EMEX platform puts management in a position to take action quickly.  

I ran through the case studies detailing how in 2015 we were responsible for the biggest global roll out of EHS software to one global client at over 2,500 global locations.  I discussed how EMEX is a global leader competing with SAP and partnering with Microsoft.  
 Why is EHS important to business? What are the benefits? We discussed the human, material, intangible and legal effects taking health and safety seriously can have on a business.  

Then it came to discussion about cost and what is EHS worth to a business. This is when one managing director put up his hand and silenced the floor with one story and reason why price is not important. He told the following story.  
Thirty years ago he was a manager in a petrochemical plant when one of his colleagues was killed in an accident. As the manager he had the overall responsibility for the operations at the refinery.  

He had to make the inspection and the reports on the fatality. He had to go to the mans family and tell his wife and two young children he was dead. He had personally witnessed the accident and the devastating human effect that this mans death had on his family, work colleagues and community.  
He turned to the room and said;
"It is time consuming, it can be complicated and hard to get an organization excited about EHS. But I hope no one here will ever have to experience what I had to that day 30 years ago. This is why the cost and the price have to be put into perspective"