Emex stengthens leading EH&S platform with CSR addition

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Emex – EH&S software heavyweight - has released a new addition to its software suite designed to support an organisation’s corporate and social responsibility and sustainability initiatives through the collection of data for analysis and reporting.

Corporations’ corporate and social responsibilities require rigorous attention to sustainability measurements and reporting standards in order communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues, for instance, carbon reduction commitment, Green House Gas emissions, water consumption, recycling and waste management.

Today, sustainability effort is linked to a company’s financial performance through stakeholder engagement and for an increasing number of organisations, acts as a value generator to help drive future innovation.

“In addition to meeting CSR objectives, our clients recognise the added impact CSR has on reputation, performance and share price”, commented Richard Wall, Emex’s CEO.  “The organisations we work with won’t compromise on platform safety, and they demand solid integration into their existing IT platforms. This is where they get the best value, and this is where the Emex suite is uniquely capable.”

The Emex CSR module enables organisations to record their corporate and social responsibility and sustainability efforts, through the capture of both quantitative data - relating to consumption and emission factors - and to measure the impact of CSR drivers such as social inclusion, employee engagement, female workforce participation or training requirements.

Automating this process facilitates and allows companies to automate all of the data behind their sustainability, CSR reporting requirement. The financial burden of data collection is minimised, compliancy reports are produced at the touch of a button and information made available for audit and any relevant business operations.

The Emex CSR module at a glance:

Easily conforms to and alighned with departmental or company workflow. 

A highly configurable interface that can be easily changed to meet companies' evolving requirements.
Rules can be configured within the module and excpetion reports and alerts ensure that data quality is continuously enhanced.

A data validation tool is deisnged to help you ensure data is kept up to date and accurate. The tool can be configured to support internally developed data validation rules.

Easily customisable, you can change units, type of input, data type and more.

Enables straightforward questionnaire creation and design to encourgae completion with minimal instruction.

Communicatiaon between users to mark individual items as needing further review, providing a link to items needing to be reviewed and all pending events needing to be processed.

Questions and answers from previous surveys are easily retreivable enabling you to easily compare findings with results from previous years.

The Emex platform features a robust suite of analytics to help companies transform data into insights
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About Emex

Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, EMEX is an EH&S software provider with almost 50 employees and offices in Dublin, Geneva, Houston, Dubai, Lagos, London and Moscow.

Founded in 1998, Emex’s vision is centered on helping its customers establish a link between safety performance and financial performance through enhanced data management and analytics. From Incident & Accident Investigation through to Risk and Audit Management, Behavioral Safety and Environmental Reporting, 100 of the world’s largest companies rely on Emex to monitor performance.