HSE Auditing Software: The Top 10 Factors to Consider

The goal of any HSE department investing in HSE auditing software should be to get the maximum benefit from your audit spend and build a safer working environment more efficiently.  HSE software packages vary considerably in functionality, so it’s important to get a clear idea of the capabilities of any solution before committing. Here are our top ten questions to ask yourself when deciding on your organisation’s HSE auditing software:

1.     Is it configurable?
The best outcomes are achieved when a system is fully configured to the unique requirements of your business. This starts with the structure of the audit. You may need a quick simple checklist or, for more complex audits require comments, actions, mandatory comments or actions below a given score.

2.     Is it user friendly?
Although this may seem obvious, our research tells us that it is often over-looked when companies are scoping software. Yet your HSE audit system may need to be used by a large and diverse workforce so ease of use is vital. HSE auditing software can be both rich in functionality and feature a simple and intuitive interface.

3.     Does it work on multiple devices?
Cross-device compatibility is a must.  The most responsive designs have been written to automatically resize based on a user’s browser and screen size; detecting and changing the user interface (UI) to reflect that of the platform on which the system is running; and change according to the orientation of the device. 

4.     Can it capture non-conformance?
The ability to track non-conformance forms a central part of any HS&E auditing software package.  Check you can record and track all non-conformances through your workflow and trend information across multiple departments, sites, or locations.  Can information can be viewed as a whole, or filtered by user-defined criteria?

5.     Can it issue Corrective Actions?
Effective tracking of corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) is the cornerstone of any successful safety program. Make sure any HSE auditing software package you are evaluating can manage a corrective action request that identifies what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, who needs to do it and escalate it if it’s not done. Your software needs to have a flexible workflow tool that allows you to manage corrective actions from start to finish.

6.     Is the data meaningful and actionable?
HSE auditing software should present data in such a way that you can draw meaningful conclusions.  Your audit program should be presented in clear and easy to understand dashboards that can help deliver insights into your program data, and support decision-making and strategic planning.

7.     Can it handle business intelligence reporting?
Ideally, your audit software should be able to produce simple, at-a-glance reports while factoring in additional relevant data from other areas of the business. Ultimately, an audit system should be able to help you identify projects, sites, departments or regions or workgroups that exhibit characteristics suggesting they are at a heightened risk of a safety incident – and red flag them for attention.

8.     Does it help you manage by exception from within the Audit?
You should have control over what is an acceptable score from within an audit, make sure your HSE Audit software allows you to set a minimum level for each item you are scoring – where an area is not up to scratch you want to make sure a corrective action is put in place and completed – to stop a repeat issue occurring.

9.     Does it give a proven record of proactive compliance?
Increasingly, complex global regulatory obligations mean that organisations need to monitor, assess, plan compliance risk and unify internal processes to ensure effective compliance strategy. Good HSE auditing software will help you keep an accurate record of proactive compliance from the accident itself right through to the investigation’s conclusion. 

10.  Does it issue valuable, actionable information in real time?
Time is of the essence in any HSE audit. Not only should your software be able to deliver actionable and insightful information, but be able to do so in real time. Your HSE audit software should offer a real-time access to data that gives powerful insights on the fly, helping you make decisions when it matters most.

EMEX is the most powerful HSE auditing software on the market today, offering all the above features and much more.

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