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10 Years Of Emex – Looking Back, Looking Forward

20-Feb-2020 14:10:08 / by Clio Ionni Bernardi

Emex is turning 10! To mark this special occasion we have decided to launch a brand new Emex blog, exploring all things EHS. Stay tuned for industry comments, news, and opinion pieces. On this special occasion we would especially like to thank our fantastic clients across the world, who motivate us every day to make Emex the best it can be. 

Our founders, Richard Wall and Simon Kelly, created Emex to fulfill the need for an integrated system to manage EHS compliance and improve business performance. Siloed data, inefficient workflow systems, and inadequate reporting expose businesses to unnecessary risk; these challenges remain as relevant today as they were a decade ago. Yet the business landscape has irrevocably changed. The rise of mobile technology, IoT, and even social trends such as flexible working, will continue to shape the EHS landscape in the coming years. 

10 Years of Emex

10 Years Of Emex – A Timeline

We have created the infographic below to have a look at how Emex has changed over the last decade. Special highlights include the signing of our oldest client, Aer Lingus, in 2008, and the development of our observational safety module for Lafarge in 2012: 

10 years of emex timeline (2)


The Future Of Emex

What does the next decade hold for Emex? Trends that once seemed to be verging on science fiction are now a reality of business. Few would have predicted the rise of smart devices, IoT, or machine learning, and how they have impacted the EHS landscape. 

What can be certain is that businesses are being held to ever higher standards of environmental, social, and governance reporting. Industries traditionally regarded as low risk are now actively engaged in EHS compliance. Improved EHS standards are now directly correlated with business performance, leading to an increasing focus on the quality and usability of EHS data. 

There are exciting times ahead for Emex, as we remain dedicated to implementing the latest technology into our platform. Stay tuned for our latest product news, industry developments, and opinion pieces from our fantastic team! 

See what we've built in 10 years!


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Clio Ionni Bernardi

Written by Clio Ionni Bernardi

Clio is the Marketing Manager of Emex. She is a seasoned marketer (digital marketing and public relations) in the SaaS industry.