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4 Reasons why ISO 45001 is good for business

What is ISO 45001


ISO 45001 was established March 2018 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This new International Standard was adopted to focus on the reduction of occupational injuries and diseases, including promoting and protecting physical and mental health in the workplace.


Key standard differences:


  • More emphasis on leadership from top management
  • Based more being on proactive versus reactive
  • Encouragement for increased employment engagement

The Need for ISO 45001


Employee health & safety management is an essential issue within any organisation to protect workers while minimising the cost to both employers and the economy. The largest number of preventable fatal injuries are in construction, followed by transportation and warehousing and while safety records are increasing, appropriate preventative measures are still necessary.


That’s why EHS regulation in the workplace is needed to mitigate the risks of occupational injury. Guidelines developed by the independent entity ISO (International Organisational for Standardisation) aim to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems within businesses to improve processes.



How ISO 45001 Can Improve Your Organisation


While previous OSHA standards were focused more on reducing the negative impact of health and safety incidents, ISO 45001 has a more positive slant. It highlights the good things that can happen when a strong health and safety management programme is implemented, and the positive cultural change that can occur.


Four key components of how an ISO 45001 can bring value include:

#1 Restructure Organisational Behaviours


Obtaining ISO 45001 encourages disciplines that enable organisations to manage risk and comply with legislation. It will create a safer place to work and improved productivity – which requires workplace involvement and encourages people to take ownership of issues with improved process and communication frameworks in place.


#2 Create Safer Workplace Environments


The certification will help create and maintain a safe and healthy working environments for all stakeholders of the business. An organisation that implements a system that complies with ISO 45001 is well placed to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and deaths in the workplace – creating a better environment for all involved.


#3 Encourage Better Communication


Following the ISO 45001 framework also promotes better communication practises between workers and management to help improve the health and safety culture within the workplace. With increased communication between all stakeholders and visibility on organisational behaviours, safer work environments are created.


#4 Improves Business Performance


The ISO health & safety management certification helps an organisation plan, manage and review their occupational safety performance and continually improve. Organisations will benefit from cost savings from fewer accidents, reduced downtime and improved health of your workforce when the framework is implemented and actioned across the business.




How Emex Can Help You Prepare for ISO 45001


ISO 45001 is driven by ensuring employee participation and understanding organisational context, which can be assisted through the use of health & safety management software. With Emex reports, dashboards and worker profiles you’ll have a complete overview on how things are changing for the better – which allows businesses predict future performance and confirm long-term trends.


The Emex EHS platform has multiple modules to ensure that you are continually planning, doing, checking and acting on your health & safety management. When establishing a compliance process and safety culture, you can leverage our intuitive technology to assess procedures and ultimately transform your health & safety processes to remain accountable.


Emex modules and capabilities to support your journey to ISO 45001 certification include:


📝 Audits & Inspections 


Emex can help you manage compliance of regulation and policies, create corrective actions, and give analytical insight to improve processes going forward. You can optimise the way your inspections are conducted with predesigned checklists and upload the necessary reference materials all in one place.


🚧 Incident Management


Our platform allows you to document your workplace injuries, near misses, and accidents. Through detailed reports you can have thorough investigation and analysis of an event – allowing you to examine root causes and proactivity monitor corrective actions over time to prevent future occurrences.


🚫 Risk Assessments


With our integrated operational risk management and register functionality you can identify measures to control, comply, and protect you workers with managed actions. Emex can help you understand the overall risk profile plus the control measures needed to mitigate hazards efficiently.


👀 Safety Observations


Emex can help you improve your safety culture by empowering staff to make interventions on unsafe acts and conditions by recording observations. By recognising safe observations, fellow workers are encouraged to repeat positive behaviour until it becomes a part of your organisation’s ethos.


📰 Data Reporting


Our data collection templates allow you to digitalise the collection of your leading and lagging indicators so that you have a complete overview. With reporting and analytics dashboards to continually monitor performance, you can communicate the results easily to all stakeholders.


📲 Mobile Capabilities


Our mobile app helps to increase employee engagement by making it simple to document a safety issue. This makes data collection and reporting more effective through company buy in – the more data gathered makes your leading and lagging indicators stronger, giving you increased insight.


Manage Your Health & Safety with Emex


You can engage employees and encourage safe work practices with our digital tools. By recording unsafe acts and conditions, and capturing meaningful interventions, you will create a safer work environment and reduce incidents. Additionally, by recognising safe observations, fellow workers are encouraged to repeat positive behaviour until it becomes a part of your organisation's ethos.


The Emex platform can give you more insight on how to improve occupational health & safety measures, while making it priority for all and establishing it as a core company value. Get prepared for your ISO 45001 certification through the use of our modules to manage occupational risks and establish a positive culture to help minimise future occurrences.


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