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Anja Hysi

Anja Hysi
Anja is our Content Lead and works to deliver the right content and messages for Emex on Sustainability and Health & Safety. Previously part of our Customer Success team, Anja has experience with clients and is knowledgeable about our product.
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What the arrival of external auditors means for sustainability

A recent article by The Wall Street Journal anticipates that auditors are to play a much bigger role in sustainability...

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The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Amendment) Bill 2020 - Ireland

[Updated May 2021] The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Bill 2020 has currently completed Dáil Éireann second stage,...

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Leading vs. Lagging Indicators: What’s the difference?

Knowing where your business is heading is vital but knowing exactly how to get there is equally as important. It is...

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How the Paris Agreement will impact American businesses

Incoming President Joe Biden is set to radically overhaul the US Government's attitude towards the environment. Chief...

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