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The Importance Of Employee Confidence For A New Normal

29-May-2020 13:44:27 / by Connor Taylor

Businesses are beginning to return to work. Employees who have been safely working remotely are now preparing themselves for a return to the workplace. For many, this is good news, and a step on the path towards normality. Yet anxiety remains for employees in a variety of workplaces, from teachers, construction contractors, and office based workers.
Some might believe that social distancing is impossible in their workplace, or have doubts over the efficacy of PPE. If businesses wish to re-open smoothly and restart operations in earnest, it is absolutely critical that the fears of employees are assuaged. They have to feel confident that they will be protected for a return to work to be effective. After talking to some of our clients about these issues, we are proud to announce the release of our cutting-edge COVID-19 Risk Management solution.
Employee Confidence

Workplace Management

A return to work will doubtless be phased, and industry specific. Sectors which have previously been exposed to minimal risk in the workplace, such as office based workers, will now find themselves working in a radically different setting. Employees need confidence that they will be protected not only by PPE and social distancing, but by the management system as a whole. Our new solution adapts traditional health & safety functionality for this new normal.

Audits & Inspections

This module enables risk management teams to accurately record and track COVID-19 risk assessments & audits in the workplace, on the go. Data is automatically tracked, with risk areas highlighted and traced. Get a holistic view across your business on how health & safety measurements stack up.
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Incident Management

In the event of an incident, your health & safety system has to react proactively. Emex features automatic workflow management, tracking incidents and making sure they have been sorted.

Incidents (1)

Behavioural Safety

Give your employees confidence by giving them a voice. Using mobile or web based behavioural safety apps enables your employees to efficiently report localised safety issues, such as poor PPE, lack of social distancing, etc. Management teams can use this to easily track different sites and employee engagement.

Remote Workers

Use Emex to protect at home workers through self risk assessments and symptom tracking. Ensuring remote employees can isolate with the confidence that they have the correct environment to work effectively, while reducing risk of infection on site.
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Fully Customisable

Every industry is different and has specific needs. Every module is completely customisable for every sector.
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Optimise business performance, automate complex processes, and manage compliance with Emex.


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Connor Taylor

Written by Connor Taylor

Connor is our in-house HSE research analyst. A recent graduate from the University of Cambridge, he is passionate about all things health and safety, with a focus on the data behind industry trends.